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Real estate is a big investment and often takes years of planning to manifest. Now that you successfully own one or more homes, it is important to stay on top of the finances. After all, it's a large asset in your portfolio. HomeKasa helps you to manage your income and expenses in one place.

By setting up your mortgage / EMI information for your properties you can easily track your property-related income and expenses and monitor profitability. \n- Know where you are with amortization at any time. Many homeowners miss out on the opportunity to understand how amortization impacts their finances. \n- The mortgage information allows HomeKasa to calculate amortization and show where you are with your loan payments, the principal balance, and equity on the property. \n- Easily add additional payments, part payments, or loan closures made against your mortgage/EMI on your HomeKasa account. HomeKasa can also be set to send you reminders about your mortgage payments, so you never miss a payment.

Property owners across cities, counties, and countries have different tax schedules, and tax amounts for each one of their properties. Manage your tax schedules, and tax receipts easily on HomeKasa. Once you set up your property tax information and due dates for your township, HomeKasa can send you a reminder when your taxes are due.

Everyone needs insurance whether you are a homeowner, landlord, or renter. Easily manage your insurance payment schedule on HomeKasa. Set reminders, track your insurance expenses, and save receipts on HomeKasa. Store insurance documents in one place along with other property documents.

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