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Track all your service providers in one place

Access all your renters, tenants, and rental property information from a central location


It takes a village to manage and maintain properties. You need help from different trades to build, renovate, or maintain your properties and rental investments. It’s a great idea to keep track of all the people you interact with related to your property. HomeKasa makes it easy to track all your service providers in one place.

Renters and pets

Easily access contact information about your repair professionals including plumbing, roofing, gardening, flooring, painting, etc. When you need a repeat service, you know who exactly to go to.

Manage contractors, plumbers and handymen

Keep track of all the vendors you have interacted with before for material purchases, and custom works. It might come in handy when you need to rework or purchase additional material for your property.

Architect, contractors, and service providers

You need a Rolodex of service providers such as handymen, carpenter, painter, etc. Keeping these people on your speed-dial helps you to quickly address repairs to the house. Once your project is over these people are the go-to people for any issues with your property or for any new projects you might consider. Add them to HomeKasa and know who provided what services to which properties and easily reach them for future needs.

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I love being a multi-property owner, however, managing the constant flow of issues from tenants is the most frustrating part. HomeKasa makes this easy and brings order to my otherwise hectic life.

Courtney Kehl

Advisor & President

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Real estate is a great way to grow wealth. But managing many properties can quickly consume your time. HomeKasa simplifies this with one dashboard, saving time.

Spencer Zhu

Real estate investor


HomeKasa makes it easy to communicate with landlords and request repairs.

Sri Reddy



I can stay on top of things for both renters and property owners. HomeKasa allows me to quickly generate reports without going to an accountant.

Heidi White

Property manager