Manage multiple properties. Manage mortgages, leases, taxes and insurance all from one place

Property Dashboard

Real estate is an expensive investment. Whether you have a single property or several properties, each one of them needs to be handled tactfully, keeping track of documents, mortgage, rent, expenses, repairs, warranties, and the people involved. These things can quickly get out of hand if not managed properly. With HomeKasa, you can stay organized on your property front and manage all of your properties on a single platform. It's like Mint for real estate.

HomeKasa's property dashboard enables you to list and save information about multiple properties, including residential, multi-unit condominiums, commercial properties, plots, and/or farmland. You can manage your entire real estate portfolio from one location.

View your properties' financial information, like mortgage, taxes, insurance, rent, etc., and keep track of your overall property portfolio, and upcoming income or expenses. Run your real estate investments like a business using HomeKasa. The ROI Analytics gives an overview of the overall Return on Investment on the entire property portfolio. You can quickly know which properties in your portfolio are profitable and which ones are not. Stay on top of your profitability with the help of HomeKasa's free property management platform. Quickly get a summary of income and expenses for the duration you choose. See your historical data and/or future projections. This helps you to plan and prepare

Schedule reminders for one-time and recurring events. Never miss a deadline. Collect payments on time.

Store and access all your real estate documents in one place. Primary homeowners can store their property grant deed, HOA CCNR, etc. For rental properties, landlords or tenants can associate rental agreements, move-in-checklist, etc.

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