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Property Document Management

With the ownership of properties comes several sets of documents like purchase agreements, property deeds, city permits, invoices, warranties, and receipts, and property taxes. Centrally store all your property documents online with HomeKasa and access them anywhere at any time.

Get organized

Whether you are a single homeowner or a multi-property owner, you could deal with several documents every year including bills and expenses. HomeKasa makes your property ownership life organized and easy. HomeKasa allows you to organize documents related to each property separately and assign the documents to a subcategory type for easy access. You can easily sort documents by property or location.

Worry-free repository offers security

Your properties and your finances are private information. We take security seriously at HomeKasa. Therefore, all user documents are encrypted and stored securely. The HomeKasa platform resides on the cloud, which is protected by layers of firewall. Rest assured, users can securely and confidently organize their property-related documents on the HomeKasa platform, and access them from anywhere, anytime. For an added layer of security, we recommend adding a watermark and/or password-protecting the documents.

Property ownership documents

Property ownership documents are perhaps the most important documents related to your property. Digitize and save a copy of ownership documents like property deeds, title ownership, living trusts, home owner's association, CCNR, home insurance coverage, etc., and access them easily.

Rental property documents

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, all rental properties have a standard set of documents like rental agreements, tenant identification, background check, move-in-checklist, insurance, etc. Store all your rental-related documents on HomeKasa. Need to quickly look at the terms of the lease? No problem!

Financial documents

Preserve a copy of all your property financial documents for your record, tax-related needs, or other purposes. Documents that are important to hold on

New construction and/or Renovation documents

Store and access all versions of architectural drawings, floor plans, permits, electrical design, plumbing design, interior design, material choices, etc. Even the well-intended plan goes through changes. Don’t lose any version of the plan, just revisit HomeKasa to retrieve any stored document. No more confusion!

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I love being a multi-property owner, however, managing the constant flow of issues from tenants is the most frustrating part. HomeKasa makes this easy and brings order to my otherwise hectic life.

Courtney Kehl

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Real estate is a great way to grow wealth. But managing many properties can quickly consume your time. HomeKasa simplifies this with one dashboard, saving time.

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HomeKasa makes it easy to communicate with landlords and request repairs.

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I can stay on top of things for both renters and property owners. HomeKasa allows me to quickly generate reports without going to an accountant.

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