Congrats on owning your dream home!

Your home is a financial asset – it’s likely a large portion of your financial investment portfolio. Your home requires attention, maintenance, repair, and care, not to mention tracking bills and expenses. Many of these are repetitive tasks.

After being bogged down by a multitude of aspects of homeownership, in true Silicon Valley style, we decided to solve the problem ourselves. We created the HomeKasa platform to manage all things home related in one place. It’s like Mint, but for homeownership. You can start using it for free.Signup

What can HomeKasa do for you?

HomeKasa helps you to automate the tasks of homeownership. You can
  • Schedule reminders for due bills, property taxes, etc., so that you don’t miss a payment or impact your credit score.
  • Track your expenses, manage contractors, track appliance warranties, etc., Know who performed services for your home.
  • Organize all your property-related documents on the cloud. Access them from anywhere, anytime.

Try HomeKasa today for free

It’s very easy to get started. Simply add your home details to the platform once and have your own virtual assistant to keep track of your homeownership. We have created some videos.

Create an account. Gmail users please check the promotions folder for an email from

Add your property details

Track recurring expenses

Track one-time expenses

Benefits for owner-occupied homeowners

We hope you try HomeKasa and benefit from it. The product is free for primary homes. We are a young start-up and we are actively looking for feedback to improve your experience. Please contact us at if we can help you in any way.

You can learn more about HomeKasa here. Stay current on property matters with our blog, where we share wealth building tips. We are social – Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Try HomeKasa today for free


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