HomeKasa Property Walkthrough ™ is a replacement for a traditional move in or move out cheklist that is used by landlords or tenants when a renter moves in or out of an appartment or house. Traditional move in/move out checklists are static and don't allow you to capture photos/videos. They also don't lend themselves to comparing differences after the tenant moves out of the appartment.

HomeKasa Property WalkThrough allows you to document the current state of a residential or commercial property with photos, videos, and text annotations about a appartment, flat or other property on a given date. After you walk through the property with your phone, you will receive both a PDF report (that is similar to a tenant move in/move out checklist) as well as an interactive report that contains all the photos and video. You can use these reports to compare the condition of the same property after a few months or years because these rich, interactive reports are stored in the cloud. Comparing the state of the property at different times makes it very easy to see the changes after a tenant moves out and calculate the price of repairing any damage as well as cleaning after move out.


HomeKasa Property Walkthrough ™ is entirely free, and no account is needed. You can use it for,

  • Move in and move out inspections of residential properties by tenants, property owners (landlords), or property managers 
  • Showcasing a property for sale after staging it 
  • Calculating price of repaing the damage caused by move out by comparing
  • On apartment listing sites
  • Showing a room and common areas while looking for a roommate for sublet or sublease

Start a new walkthrough

HomeKasa Property Walkthrough will document the state of each room and various items in the room (fixtures etc.). It comes with a set of predefined rooms, and each room has a set of predefined items/fixtures. These are selected to make it easy for you to get started. You can also add your rooms with their own items or fixtures or add/remove fixtures/items in existing rooms.

  • For each Room, you can add photos, videos, and comments
  • For Fixtures, you can note the state of cleanliness, whether it is functioning or broken, add notes and take photos or videos.
  • After you have walked through the apartment/house/property, you can send a PDF copy of the report via email to yourself and the tenant, landlord, property owner, or property manager. This PDF report includes the photos and comments.
  • The email also has a link to an interactive version of the report. The report includes the videos and photos, and comments in the PDF report.

The predefined rooms and items are

Master BathroomBedroomKitchen
MirrorsMirrorsElectric Range
OutletsOutletsGas Range

To get started, click anywhere on the tile that says Bedroom, or any other room.

Room tile - bedroom

Take a moment to review the entire room before moving on to documenting individual items/fixtures in the room.

Look around the room and make some general observations about the room. Does it look dark or dingy or clean and bright? Make a note of any important items that need mentioning. You can still make detailed notes about each area of the room later on.

Jot down your observations in the comments section. You can also add photos.

Adding room comments

While HomeKasa Property Walkthrough comes with a few predefined rooms, it does not cover all types of homes with different rooms. You can add other rooms based on the house you are walking through. Some standard rooms/areas that need to be added are

  • Garage
  • Backyard
  • Sideyard
  • Frontyard
  • Attic
  • Study / Den
  • Basement

There are two ways of adding a new room. You can duplicate a room (if the new room you are adding is similar to an existing one) or add a new, empty room. When you copy a new room, you can get all the items/fixtures in that room also duplicated. This is useful when you add a room similar to the one you have already added - e.g., kids' bedroom #2 would be identical to kids' bedroom #1.

Make sure you are on the home page of HomeKasa Property Walkthrough. The home page is the one that has the words, Hi, Welcome. Click on the three dots next to any room and select Duplicate on the home page.

Duplicating a room

Make sure you duplicate the room that is similar to the new room.

After duplicating the room, enter the room by clicking on its name. You can now make notes about cleanliness and state of function and add photos or videos for each item or fixture in the room. You can also skip certain items/fixtures or add new items/fixtures.

You now have the opportunity to add details about each of the items in the room. See the table above to see the list of predefined items in the room. You should go through the list of predefined items, note their functional level cleanliness, and add comments, photos, and videos.

For example, let's consider the outlets in the bedroom.

outlets in a room

If you click on the Cleanliness you'll see the following options Cleanliness for a fixture

Then click on Functional to note whether it is functional or not

Is a fixture functional?

You can also add notes to add more details. Finally add photos and videos as needed.

The list of predefined elements/fixtures for a room is only meant as a starting point. You will have to add more elements, e.g., a ceiling fan or details about the fireplace in almost all cases.

There are two ways to add a new item. You can scroll to the bottom of any page and click Add new item, or you can click the three dots on the right-hand side of any item and click Duplicate.

Adding a new item in a room Adding a new item in a room

When you add a new item, you need to give it a name e.g., fireplace mantle. You can also decide whether you want to include details about whether the thing is functional or not and its cleanliness level. Some items don't need any details about functionality. For example, if you are creating a new item for the walls in the room to document a stain, you don't need to add any functionality. You need just Cleanliness.

Adding a new item

You can add photos and videos to provide more detail. To attach a photo or video, click on the paper clip icon. On a mobile device, you'll see the following options. Select either

  • Photo Library - pick a photo or video from photos that you have already taken
  • Take a photo or video - create a new photo or video using your phone's camera
Photos and videos on mobile

After you have finished documenting all parts of the property, you can send the report via email to other people that need to see the report. These might be your property real estate agent, tenant, landlord, or other interested parties.

The recipients will get an email with an attached PDF and a link that they can click to see the report on a webpage (through a web browser).

To send the report, make sure that all the rooms are complete. An easy way to check this is to see if there is a checkmark and the words Completed next to each room. You can also look at the top to see how many rooms are complete. There are two rooms in the following screenshot, but only one room is finished.

Progress indicator

You will not be able to send the report till all the rooms and items/fixtures are complete. If you see some rooms that are not needed, you can delete them.

Enter the details of the house once all the rooms are complete. You can do this by clicking the Add home details.

Add home details

When you click this, you'll see a popup like the following.

Adding home details modal

Please enter the property address and any other address related details.

In the field that is labled, Who is filing the report you will see the following options. ![[Pasted image 20220607062145.png]]

Please select the right option. Finally, enter your email. This is important since you get a copy of the report and you will be able to use this email address to access the report at a later time.

Once all the information is added, and all the information for all the rooms is outlined, then the Send Report button will be enabled and look like Who is filing the report?

When you press the Send Report button you will have the option of adding more recipients

Send report button

Once the report is sent you will have the ability to see the report that you created also.

Report completed and is on its way

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